Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer to Fight For Your Rights

American Muslim men with Iranian passports may choose to go back to Iran and obtain a fast track divorce in that country. They get divorce decree by stating three times, “I divorce my wife” in the presence of two male witnesses, show proof of the “mahr” payment, record the divorce in Iran, authenticate the documents, return back to the U.S. and seek recognition of the Iranian divorce in a state court. Divorce obtained in Iran is less expensive to the husband; women get the amount of “mahr” as stipulated in the marriage contract, usually less than what a U.S court may rule on, and the divorce is obtained in a short time, without having to hire an attorney. Islamic divorce does not allow women to receive compensation other than the amount of “mahr” she and her family agreed upon before her marriage.

It may a correct solution to terminate your marriage when you and your spouse are facing severe and unresolvable conflicts. However, taking a decision of divorce and putting an end to all those conflicts is quite easier than going through a court procedure to obtain of final decree of marital dissolution. You may have to face a lot of economical and emotional problems while undergoing a contested procedure. If your partner does not agree with you on issues like alimony and child custody, then hiring an attorney to represent your case in the court is mandatory. However, many spouses make improper and hurried selection of lawyer and pay for it throughout their divorce case. You can easily abstain yourself from these mistakes in advance and make your marital dissolution easier and cheaper. Following are such avoidable errors that people make while appointing the divorce lawyers:

Second, you want to make sure that you understand how you are going to be smart about the way that you are going to record your statement. You want to make sure that you take time to avoid any recorded conversation.

Free divorce lawyers are the best options to find when you want to end your marriage without getting to spend a lot money on the process. It may seem difficult to find one but eventually you will find one. Keep searching and don’t give up. If you really think that getting a divorce is the best option to your relationship, then let it be. Don’t complicate your life any further in this relationship. Just remember to be civil on the process, to your spouse and to your children. Divorce is not easy for your children but someday they will realize this. You just have to make them understand that it’s for the best.