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State courts in the U.S. deal with Islamic divorce obtained overseas on the basis of “comity”, a discretionary doctrine that governs the recognition of divorce rendered by the courts of a foreign country. Although occasionally, courts in England and the United States use the term “international comity” in the meaning of general international law, the more accepted concept of this doctrine defines it as rules of courtesy or goodwill which states observe in their mutual relations without any sense of legal obligations under international law. The desire for a Muslim man to obtain divorce from Iran and have it recognized and enforced in the United States, is generally entitled to recognition if it was valid and effective in Iran, and that Iran was the residence or domicile of both parties or at least one party. In other cases, recognition in the United States of a divorce obtained in Iran will depend on the way the divorce was obtained by mail, by default, by phone, or upon the appearance of both parties. A divorce obtained in Iran should not violate U.S. public policy and cannot be “repugnant” to major principles of U.S. law. State courts have the sole competent to recognize or to deny recognition of a divorce decree obtained in Iran.

Any contact with a judge unless the other side is present is illegal. You want to make sure that you take the time that you need to understand how you can be sure that you are able to abide by all of the laws throughout this process.

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The diversion of real state also the another issue after divorce. Sometimes, the woman wants divorce and she has real state or economical background greater than the male one; the matter will be investigated legally and will be solve likewise. In a word Chicago Divorce lawyers are one of the greatest associations where you can get all kinds of legal help regarding divorce issue.

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